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"It's time to talk about murder in America,” says Dr. Phil. 

Why do people resort to murder? What causes someone to kill? Learn what a new FBI study says about the “Pre-attack behaviors of active shooters in the United States.”  Plus, hear about the traits and characteristics of people who are considered most likely to commit violent crimes.

The Profile Of A School Shooter

James Densley and Dr. Jillian Peterson join Dr. Phil to share what they have learned about the profile of school shooters and more.

How Science May Prevent School Shootings - Dr. James Kimmel Jr.

Dr. James Kimmel Jr., who researches violence prevention, joins Dr. Phil to discuss how science may prevent school shootings.

When Is Enough Enough? The Deadly School Shooting In Uvalde, Texas

“Almost half of school shootings are over in the first few minutes. That means we need to prevent it before it happens,” Dr. Phil says.

Chief David Brown: Body-Cams, School Shootings and the Deadly Force Fight

Former Police Chief David Brown sits down for a candid conversation with Dr. Phil and shares why he became a police officer.

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