Dr. Phil psychoanalyzes one of the most bizarre murder mysteries in modern times. Dee Dee Blancharde was stabbed to death in a vampire-like attack. Her seriously ill and disabled daughter Gypsy Rose is missing and police believe the killer kidnapped the young woman. A nationwide manhunt is underway to find Gypsy Rose before it’s too late.


Police issue a nationwide, all-points bulletin for the safe return of Gypsy Rose Blancharde, believed to be kidnapped by her mother’s killer. Police use advanced technology to trace her whereabouts and find her hiding in a closet 700 miles from her home. What happens next will shock everyone beyond belief. 


Dr. Phil speaks to Gypsy Rose Blanchard in her very first exclusive interview from prison. She admits to masterminding her mother’s brutal murder and tells Dr. Phil she asked her boyfriend, who thinks he is a 500 year old vampire, to kill her mother. She reveals that her mentally ill mother convinced her that she was paralyzed and was forced to undergo dozens of surgeries she didn’t need. Dr. Phil analyzes the rare mental illness that drove Dee Dee Blancharde to abuse her daughter at the point of a surgeon’s scalpel.


In more from her first exclusive interview from prison, Gypsy Rose Blanchard tells Dr. Phil how she heard the sounds of her boyfriend stabbing her mother to death;

payback she says, for a lifetime of physical abuse and cruelty.  Dr. Phil analyzes her mother’s mental illness and the alter egos Gypsy Rose created to go along with

her boyfriend, who thinks he is a 500 year old vampire. 


Dr. Phil continues his exclusive interview with Gypsy Rose Blanchard from prison. She tells him about how her bumbling mistakes led to the swift capture of her and her boyfriend. Dr. Phil analyzes her psyche; what led her to murder her mother, and how she went from one abusive relationship to another. Gypsy reveals what she thinks about her vampire ex-boyfriend now and what she did to get final justice for her mother.  
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