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Supermom missing

How does someone go missing in broad daylight, without a trace?


Dr. Phil examines the sudden disappearance of Sherri Papini, a mother of two from Redding California who disappeared on November 2, 2016, reportedly, while out jogging about a mile from her home. But not everything about Sherri’s purported abduction was as it seemed. 

EP6:Supermom missing
Bonus Episode

On “Murder and Mystery, Analysis by Dr. Phil,” we’ve been covering the Sherri Papini kidnapping hoax. Today we are dropping you a bonus episode of “Supermom Missing”. Dr. Phil speaks with Retired Captain Pat Kropholler of the Shasta County Sheriff’s office. He was first on the scene when Sherri Papini showed up alive on the side of the road in 2016, and he led the investigation. He is going to give us ALL of the behind-the-scenes details about the investigation from his perspective. A special thanks to Capt. Kropholler and criminal defense attorney Mark Eiglarsh for joining us, this was quite a tangled web of lies you had to unweave.

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